Sunday, August 21, 2016

Immaculately Restored 1972 Volkswagen Type II Transporter Epitomizes The Word COOL!

This gorgeous red second generation Volkswagen Type II Microbus is perfectly restored and really throw you back in time. The body is exceptionally restored and looks eye catching when it rolls through the streets. Stainless steel accents pop on the paint and really help add a great look to the bus. It obvious that the team who restored this beauty took the process very seriously and the outcome was blast back to the past!
All of the stainless steel coverings were removed and polished to really make the car shine while retaining original pieces from the stock version of the Transporter. New windshield wipers, wheels and tires were installed to this restoration to make sure every aspect of this car worked and felt like it came of the streets from the 70’s.
Every detail was put into consideration while detailing this restoration and it is definitely one of the finest restored Type II Transporters we have laid our eyes on.  As stated previously, the team made sure to keep this vehicle as stock as possible and nearly every piece on the car is restored or from the original design.
The interior looks incredibly comfortable and is simplistic compared to the vibrant exterior. The leather seats offer a cool look on the inside that really helps bring the cars whole style together. You can have a whole lot of fun in this Transporter while also feeling  like you are driving one of the coolest vehicles on the road. 
There is nothing too crazy going on with the dash especially since it was kept stock and refinished to give it a new life. Everything in the interior was restored and the outcome was a clean, cool and stylish look that matches this van perfectly. 
Equipped with a 1600 c.c. engine and paired with a 4-speed manual transmission this van is not meant to kill on the streets, but certainly provides a fun and effortless ride for anyone lucky enough to take a ride. To see the 1972  Volkswagen Type II Transporter on the streets and showing off then click to the next page! You do not want to miss this masterpiece of a restoration! 

1972 Volkswagen Type II Transporter Microbus