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2014 Microbus Comes Out


Are you believe Volkswagen will launch a new version of the Microbus in 2014?

I thinks is still just rumors...

Many gossip outside stated that new version of VW Microbus will appear on the street on the next year 2014 or 2015. Next year a few months ahead, but Volkswagen doen't show the signs of be raise it again the new version of the Microbus in 2014, like as The Beetle do, design on classic base.

Let's have a look a some concept designs will confirms that it will be happen...

North American International Auto Show 2001

In the spirit of the new VW Beetle on that time, Volkswagen presented a VW Microbus concept car. This car is reminiscent of the original 1960s microbuses. The snout is a little longer than the original microbus, accommodating modern crash standards. Volkswagen also presented Microbus configurations, such as the pop-up camper top and was also a pickup, double cab.

Geneva Auto show 2011, Volkswagen introduce new concept for VW microbus call is Bulli

It's the smaller edition of this microbus in. The VW group then got a research that the world population need of family car is increased significantly. So then Volkswagen group made the new edition of 2014 Volkswagen microbus to be effective family car series. My opinion, this is just research for starting the project will realized or not, and the design is far a way from the legend.

And there are some concept designs from VW microbus enthusiasts that ever existed on below, but just illustration and never be embodied in the form like VW Bulli above.

So what do you think..., are you still believe he will come back or just rumors or just propose and will never be realized. It's the Fact Volkswagen start on 2001 already have a plans for to revive the legendary of the classic bus Type2 T1 and T2.

Let's remember the legends, vintage microbus and I thinks... he will never be replaced


Imeges and photos that I find on the many websites, if any objections please contact, and I’ll add credit or remove the image if you request it.

VW Bus

The Original VW Transporter Bus
Another VW Bus

1963 VW Bus

2014 Concept

Interior View

VW Microbus Pickup

2014 Concept

Front View Closeup

Auto show Close-up

2001 Microbus Concept

2014 Microbus
Another Concept of Microbus
VW Transporter Van

2014 VW Microbus

2014 VW Microbus Exterior 2014 VW Microbus Price and Release
The features of the 2014 VW Microbus are eye-catching like its images. You can start preparing for this car even before it launch. Unfortunately there can be not much information and facts about the new VW Microbus 2014. If you dropped you can manage it and want to know the primary 2014 VW Microbus price, you can get in touch with certified traders of the VW to discover out more about the VW Microbus 2014 price.

 2014 VW Microbus Dashboard
 Meanwhile some rumors told that 2014 VW Microbus release date will be in late this year. There is no purpose why you should be eventually missed when it comes to the high-class and relaxation that comes with Ford vehicles. This car is made in a way that they will provide you even more than you predicted. What do you think of this VW Microbus 2014? Do you think you will be falling in love to this car? Or, you even think that you will have one? We promise that we will update soon after Ford announces 2014 VW Microbus price.
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A final motivation for the 2014 VW Microbus is to maximize investment in the Group’s new MQB “matrix” platform, which serves as the Bulli Concept’s foundation according to VW R&D director Ulrich Hackenburg, speaking to Britain’s Autocar magazine. Lately renamed “modular design system” (MDS), this architecture can be varied in length and width to serve a variety of different vehicles with front-wheel drive and transverse-mounted engines. It appears first under Audi division’s next-generation A3 premium-compact car and will go on to support the next version of VW’s mainstay Golf compact car and many other Group models.
 Volkswagen Future Vehicles: 2014 Volkswagen Microbus: The unique face of Volkswagen Microbus
 This VW microbus is coming with new updated look into cheers glossy colorful edition. The color is composed from 2 kinds of color and showed the warmth look of family car with short of beautiful microbus. 2014 Volkswagen bus microbus with the sharp exterior would be a good attractive vehicle for your family. The 2014 VW buss is becoming the inspiration of the VW microbus design. The great speed when you drive this 2014 Volkswagen microbus will be very amazing with the engine 1.4 liter turbocharged.
 Volkswagen Future Vehicles: 2014 Volkswagen Microbus: Volkswagen Microbus has nearly full-size body style
 Motivation for the new Microbus will come from several engines in VW’s parts bin, including four-cylinder gas and turbo-diesels. Power will be channeled to the front wheels through a manual transmission or VW’s six- or seven-speed dual-clutch gearboxes. All-wheel drive is a possibility, and VW might build a range-extended EV version in the style of the Chevrolet Volt.

U.S. sales are almost a certainty. The New Beetle had its greatest successes here, and the old “Lovebus”—which you can still buy new in Brazil as the Kombi—is still fondly remembered. Production of the 2014 VW Microbus will coincide with the launch of another new, bigger van, a replacement for the Chrysler-supplied Routan to be built in Tennessee on VW’s own platform. It just goes to show that, in its race for world domination, VW will be paying equal attention to mainstream and niche. For that, we are grateful.
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2014 Volkswagen Microbus

Volkswagen Microbus 2014 is ready to show its new model of microbus until the last 10 years ago VW shows off microbus segment. This car will be built in Europe and would become the competitor of Honda Adyddey, Nissan Quest, and also Toyota Sienna. The final motivation for this New VW Microbus is to maximize the investment in the group MQB “matrix” platform.

Volkswagen Microbus 2014 price will start from $30,000, but we expect it to be closer to $40,000. Volkswagen Microbus 2014 Release Date is held in the fall of 2013 with sales beginning in 2014.
Interior, it is design in minimalist concept on 2014 Volkswagen Microbus. There are gauges and control group around the steering wheel and also pair of slim-section 3-passenger bench seats which can be folded to create a makeshift bed.

Volkswagen Microbus styled under VW Geoup design, Walter deSilva and also VW brand deputy, Klaus Bischoff. New VW design will show its characteristic, such as, a basic box with rounded lines, a bulldog nose with oversize VW logo, a gently curved windshield, a space-efficient wheels-at-the-corners stance, and 4 conventionally hinged side doors instead of rear sliders or the original T1 s dual French rear doors.


Volkswagen Microbus 2014 would be available with turbocharged, four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines; a hybrid is a strong possibility. VW said that the 2014 Volkswagen Microbus will be 3,200 pound curb weight would be running from 0 to 62 mph in 11.5 seconds with the power of 199 pound feet of torque. Further, 170 h 2.5 liter in five-cylinder, 2000 hp 2.0 liter turbo-four and 140 hp 2.0 liter TDI turbodiesel-four will equipped by Front wheel Drive. The six-speed manual and six-speed automatic function are both available.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1963 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

1963 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible—A nicely restored bug showing 97,752 miles.  Finished in Pacific Blue with Bone interior and a Grey top, bootcover, and carpet.  Paint and body are excellent, solid floors (see photos) converted to 12 volts and alternator.  New top, headliner, windshield, all new rubber, new interior, and carpet.  A new under dash FM/CD player.  Runs and shifts excellent.  A great bug in ready to go condition.  Glovebox handbook included.  Call Mike at Vantage Sportscars 407.298.5010 or cell 407.620.6295.
Source:  vantagesportscars

1953 Ragtop Beetle

Top view looking thru ragtop

Engine of 1953
Rear Drivers side

Source: classicvwbugs.com

1952 Split Window Beetle

Restoring Beetles back to their historical beauty. Whether it is nostalgia you are looking for, the thumbs up, or sheer artistic design, the VW Beetle will always make ones head turn and smile.

Sit back, relax, and browse.
Rear Window View
Left Front View
Front View

Remember the rear pop out windows
Right Rear View

Source:  classicvwbugs