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1952 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe

1952 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe - Image 1 of 29

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After Devastating Fire, Restoration Begins On One Of The World’s Oldest Beetles


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1965 Volkswagen Bus: 21 Windows

bus1Sometimes, a classic is so rough the seller only needs to say, “See pictures” to eliminate any chance of misrepresentation about what he is selling. This 1965 21-Window VW Bus is here on eBay with bidding at $6,600 and the reserve unmet. I can’t say I’m surprised since these old air-cooled vans are following the trends of bathtub Porsches into collector car territory regardless of condition. The simple math on these vans says to count the number of windows and increase the price accordingly; that said, I suspect this example with its multiple day-lit openings will see an impressive final bid despite needing a ton of work. Still, the original paint is a bonus, along with the transmission it came with from the factory. The engine, like many old Beetles and Buses, is long gone, but that will likely be the easier part of the restoration considering the amount of corrosion in the floors. Oh, and you’ll also need a complete interior while you’re at it! So, what are your guesses as to where this one will end up dollar-wise?


A Baker’s Dozen Classic VW Beetles Up For Grabs In Online Auction

VW Beetle ad

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1974 VW Thing
Bidding for all lots will be ongoing through June 3. For additional details, visit
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1967 Volkswagen Bus: Dusty Type 2

1967 Volkswagen BusOver the weekend, I visited a junkyard in rural Massachusetts and found a row of Volkswagen Microbuses of different configurations

stacked next to each other. When you see them together, it’s amazing to see how many different ways one could order their VW Bus. It could be a camper or a delivery van, a pickup or a combination of a few different features, incorporating easy-access panel doors and lots of glass for natural daylighting. No matter what, the early ones are starting to pick up price-wise and I’ll bet there are a lot of interested buyers for this 1967 example found in all its dusty, barn-find glory  here on Stokes Auction as part of an upcoming estate sale in Poulsbo, Washington. I can’t tell much from the photos but talk about properly staging an antique vehicle that’s been fetching big numbers at auctions
This one does appear to be a genuine as-discovered specimen, however, which makes me wish I stuck one in a garage about 10 years ago. What do you think it will go for?


Cleans Up Nicely: 1974 VW Karmann Ghia

1974 VW Karmann GhiaOne of the most gratifying parts of reviving a barn find is washing off the years of dust and grime to see what the car really looks like. Of course when I’m buying a car online, I prefer to see it cleaned up before I bid. I know you miss out on the joy of washing the car yourself, but it saving you a lot of heartache in the long run. The seller of this Karmann Ghia did a great job of photographing it all dusty, but they have cleaned it up and boy did it clean up nicely. Of course having it cleaned up revealed some issues that aren’t noticeable in the dusty photos. It has some rust spots on the nose and some paint damage, but overall it looks to be in solid condition. The paint even looks shiny and could left alone. Amazingly, the nose is straight and dent free! You might not get the joy of cleaning this one off, but if you have been looking for a Ghia to enjoy you know what you are getting with this one! Find it here on eBay with a $7,900 BIN. Given the car’s location in Riceville, Tennessee I would want to inspect it for hidden rust. So do you prefer your barn finds to come with their dust intact or are you alright with them already being cleaned?