Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oval Window Beetles - BugsVille Large Collection and Barn Finds

BugsVille was a place of wonder and was by far the largest collection of Oval Window Bugs most have seen in one place. The place was nick named Bugsville because there were so many VW's, and in one photo I took I counted 22, most of which were Oval Windows. Source: Youtube

Gus VW Bus

Wonderful VW Buses, Fantastic Music, Beautiful images!! See it!! Source: Youtube

Vintage Volkswagen Meet Seattle 2010

A very small sample of the photos I shot for Cascade Kombis at the awesome Vintage Meet event in Seattle. VW Show Seattle 2010 Source: Youtube

International Vintage VW Treffen in Hessisch Oldendorf Germany

The best vintage VW show in the world! Split window beetles, ovals, buses, Karmann Ghias, Karmann Cabrios and of course - the world record gathering of 28 Hebm├╝llers! Source: Youtube

VW Beetle Documentary Classic Wheels

This documentary gives a nice overview of the history of the volkswagen beetle. It contains unique footage of Ferdinand Porsche standing near a pre-war beetle. Before the war this was called the KdF Wagen. Source: Youtube

1967 VW Van-Truck

Source: Youtube

VW Split Screen Camper Van

Volkswagen 1952 Panel Van with Westfalia Camping Box interior and 1967 T2 Split Screen Westfalia. Source: Youtube

Classic Volkswagen Bus

2011 San Diego International Auto Show the Volkswagen bus provided by the San Diego air cooled syndicate and strictly vintage 2's. these bus were very cool with all the trick stuff. The Volkswagen Type 2, officially known as the Transporter or informally as Volkswagen Bus. Source: Youtube

Volkswagen Beetle

Source: Youtube

Customised Wooden VW Beetle Car

An elderly couple in Bosnia have covered their VW Beetle in more than 20,000 handmade small oak pieces which were glued to the bodywork and then varnished. The car can be driven legally. Source: Youtube