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Volkswagen Reviews

Volkswagen built its first car, the Beetle, in 1945; with the Type 2 transporter the company stuck with the same tiny model range until well into the 1960s. When the Volkswagen Passat arrived in 1973 it marked a new era for the company, which has always sat between the mainstream and premium sectors.

The really big news for the marque was the Volkswagen Golf of 1974, which would become an icon - and especially when developed into the Golf GTi. Another brand which Volkswagen introduced in the early 1970s is the VW Polo - and once again it's still with us, alongside the Touran, Touareg, Phaeton and Fox.

Enjoy these Volkswagen's pictures of early models:

Volkswagen Bus

21 Window Bus

1960 Volkswagen Bus

Volkswagen Camper Bus

Volkswagen Mini Bus

Volkswagen Beetles

1968 Volkswagen

1959 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe

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