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1974 VW Beetle Convertible

1974 VW Beetle Convertible
Now this is my kind of listing! The seller is upfront, although lacking in details, and seems honest about the condition of this convertible Beetle. He admits he can’t really call it a “barn find” as it’s parked in his barn and has been for a while. He bought and drove this Bug when he was in college, then put it in storage about 26 years ago. It wasn’t in very good shape when he parked it, which he admits. He even warns you that it was a college kid’s car and that you should take that into account when you bid! I can already tell, I’d like to deal with this seller. It doesn’t hurt that his barn appears to be packed with classic cars either! You can have a look at this Beetle here on eBay in Hartford, Connecticut.

VW Beetle Convertible
The seller outlines just about all the major issues with their car. It has rust, needed brake and exhaust work when it was parked, and today it is either a parts car or a very ambitious project. They also state that they have the keys and title, but have no idea where they are, so they have listed it as having neither just to play it on the safe side. Oh and just to clarify, his old records and boxes from his dorm room are not included with the car! Bidding is starting at $1,500 with no reserve, so whoever wins gets it. And if you can’t get it moved out immediately, that’s alright, you can store it here for free until spring time. So does anyone here need a convertible Beetle parts or project car?


1969 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

1969 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet - Image 1 of 24

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1977 Volkswagen Beetle

1977 Volkswagen Beetle for Sale - Image 1 of 49

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VW Camper Sidecar

Jay Dyer, a 44-year-old Englishman from Northwood, Middlese adapted to the Lambretta one body Camper van to safely transport the 11-year old son. Vw Camper sidecar comes from Belgium and took 7 months to complete the job. Total cost of £ 2.500 (€ 3.000) and has already received several offers to reach £ 8.000 (€ 10.000) to sell.


1966 VW Transporter 15 Window Bus

 1966 Vw custom Splitscreen 15 window deluxe split screen camper van  Photo

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VW Camper Tent

You’ll be the envy of other Campers when you rock up in your retro VW Kombi Campervan Tent and how much fun will you have! What a unique idea this is and it will certainly be the talk of your trip! Check out the specs below and get yours ordered now!
VW Campervan Tent
  • We applied our renowned product twist and the 1965 VW camper van tent was born. Every detail is exact to the original, apart from the small matter of a lack of engine!
  • VW camper van tents are incredibly quick and easy to set up.
  • All tents come with free standing poles which are bungee corded with quality click connectors. Quite frankly, popping it up is idiot-proof!
  • The tents are incredibly roomy, comfortably sleeping four people within the two inner rooms. The generous height of the tents also makes it possible to stand up inside.
  • Dimensions: 156″L x 74.4″W x 60″H
  • VW Kombi Camping Tent
  • Source:

1959 Volkswagen Transporter

1959 Volkswagen Transporter for Sale - Image 1 of 11

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1969 VW Bus


Pink bus
A long-time Barn Finds reader Olaf E. found this interesting Transporter and sent it in, thanks Olaf! This is a Peruvian built 1969 VW T2 Window Bus and is listed here on eBay UK for £7,500.00 or best offer. This T2 is now parked at Lodge Road, Hollesley Woodbridge, Suffolk. It might not be a Samba, but it seems a lot more interesting in this configuration!
1969 VW Type 2 Window Bus
It seems this bus was built as a fast food truck and still wears the previous owner’s signage. The bright pink paint and Di Boris Fast Food painted on the side would surely grab people attention! As the owner states, “it’s a blank canvas with many potential uses”. We have never seen a “blank canvas” that was this pink!
Pink Bus driver
The front part of this bus, except the the passenger’s seat, was left alone. The owner says it is in pretty good shape overall, it starts and runs well, the gearbox is in working order. The brakes will need some attention, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue.
Pink Bus rear
The inside is much closer to a blank canvas than the outside. We don’t know what the ceiling height is inside the food prep area and if you are much over 5′ it might be good to know. The new owner will have to outfit the inside to their needs.
Pink bus right side door open
The owner, from memory, doesn’t think there is much welding to do. He says the unit has an excellent main chassis, but again this is coming from the seller’s memory. The owner is going to have another look underneath and will clarify the condition.  The electrics are OK, the T2 needs a respray, and a set of tyres (tires). They thinks this Bus would look great selling latte’s out in the West End. It looks like you would get good cross ventilation in this and you can serve from both sides when the “rush” comes during intermission! So what would you do with this bus, other than show it off?

1957 VW Transporter

 '57 Tansporter
We really don’t see these early truck versions of the VW Bus very often (that’s a whole other story that likely involves poultry, tariffs and chickens…wait, sorry, politicians) but we always find them to be interesting alternative to more conventional light duty trucks. This 1957 VW Transporter Truck is listed here on craigslist and is sitting in Williston, Vermont with a price of $6,500. There isn’t much information provided with the ad, so if you are interested please contact the owner for a viewing and/or any questions you may have.
1957 VW Transporter Cab
The owner says that the cab is in nice shape. has been covered in primer, so hopefully that means there isn’t any rust. The only areas that appear to be wearing original, or at least old paint, are the doors. The passenger’s side still wears the logo of the company that once employed it as a work truck. If I ran a handyman business, I’d want to preserve the signage and rename my business the Builder Broker Inc. so I could use this as a work truck and advertising!
'57 Tansporter back
There is also a nice tailgate and engine compartment door, but where’s the engine? These use the same engine found in the whole range of air cooled boxer 4 VW engines, so finding a replacement shouldn’t be hard.
1957 VW Transporter Project
The odometer is show just 46,500, for what that’s worth. All the original glass, seats, 5 original ’57 transporter wheels, the owner’s manual and some new parts are included. The owner will take trades or a “goooood” cash offer. VW Transporters can be really cool and it appears that the VW Transporter bubble continues to grow…

VW Transporter Pickup


Here is a case of the more rust the better. This VW truck gets a look from thousands of people every year as it holds down a permanent parking spot in front of a surf shop on the North Shore of Oahu. I’m not sure it could still move under its own power, but if it did it would probably break in half a mile down the road! 





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1969 VW Beetle Convertible

front rightIt’s hard to imagine a high school kid not wanting to be seen in a VW convertible in 1987, especially given the alternatives in 1987. Not every parent had a Mustang or other old pony car to pass on to their kid, but more likely a “K Car” or similar. Meanwhile, this rejected VW is listed on craigslist in North Republic, Missouri for $1,200. If it’s not too rusty and the engine is not stuck, the price looks really reasonable. It is a couple of years newer than the more popular beetles, but is still a cool car. It looks pretty complete except for the running boards.

front right VWThe question is, then, could you get this up to a “condition 4” car, running and driving, for less than $3,000 or are you better off finding a running convertible for $4k or $5k? Assuming the best, it would need at least fuel and brake system work as well as a top and upholstery work to make it drivable. And, would you stop there or do body and paint work? One could also install a dual port engine and add some horse power. Where would you stop?


1959 Volkswagen Beetle

1959 Volkswagen BeetleClassic cars are getting so desirable that even cars like this mass produced VW Beetle are starting to go up in value. Admittedly, it is getting harder to find clean rust-free cars like this ’59 with each passing year. From the sounds of the seller’s listing here on eBay, this seems like a great classic for someone who is more interesting in maintaining and preserving than actually restoring. The color combo is great, parts are plentiful, and apparently it will most likely go up in value. Who would have ever thought that these cheap little cars would eventually become collector items?

Air CooledSplit and oval window Beetles have been highly sought after for a while now because of their aesthetics and relative rarity. Nowadays most Beetle guys are happy to find a ’67 or older model at a good price. Volkswagen made little improvements along the way so the best driving cars are the newer ones while the older ones are the most collectible. I suppose this one lands somewhere in the middle with much of the character of the early cars, but with few extra ponies and better brakes.

Blue InteriorI really doubt those seat covers are original, but how many 50+ year old cars still have theirs intact anyway. Beetles can be fun to drive, but personally I feel like the driving position is a little awkward. The floor hinged pedals and wheel well intrusion bother me, but I also know they are just a couple of the quirky design touches that make a Volkswagen a Volkswagen.

Dry PaintI’ve always like the idea of Beetle ownership. Since I was a kid, I knew that the Beetle enjoyed a cheap and plentiful parts supply here in the US. My mother and father even restored one before I came along and my father always spoke fondly of it. That’s even after theirs blew up one cold winter day on the way home. So, not only are Beetle cheap and easy to work on, but people will gladly overlook their flaws. Everyone knows that they are slow and that the heaters suck, but we all just seem to keep loving ’em anyway!


1962 VW Bus: 23 Windows

window4We know by now that the number of windows on vintage VW Bus seems to correspond directly with an increase in value and desirability. These laws of attraction seem to transcend reasonable judgement, especially with rusty specimens like this one here on eBay – it’s a ’62 VW Bus with bidding approaching $17,000 and the reserve unmet. 

window3I always find it interesting when a seller jumps right to the original spec sheet and doesn’t spend any time talking about their vehicle’s current condition. Plus, the potential buyer is recommended to study the pictures carefully, because what you see is what you get. Well, because these are such expensive projects to buy, I’d appreciate a bit more information regarding just how bad the corrosion is.

window2The seller points out that there is the potential for a substantial upside given the rapidly rising values of Buses with lots of factory glass. The desirability only increases with split-windshield models, so this ’62 is definitely a highly-sought after model among the air-cooled faithful, but look at that rust: it appears to permeate every surface, an unusual quality for a California vehicle. Perhaps it resided somewhere else before coming to a fair-weather state, or it spent too many years down by the beach.

window1Whenever a seller mentions the possibility of buying a spare vehicle as a donor for the project they’re selling, it’s rarely a good sign. We don’t know anything about the engine, but I’d count on it being missing. It looks like some of the unique glass pieces are missing as well, so the treasure hunt will be extensive for anyone looking to put this Bus back to OEM spec. The bidders don’t seem to mind, however. At what price point does it cease to make sense to bid on this 23-window VW?


1961 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe

1961 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe - Image 1 of 49

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