Friday, March 1, 2013

2001 Volkswagen Microbus

The Microbus was designed in the Volkswagen design studio in California especially for the US market. The Microbus references an old tradition of campers and vans, starting in 1950 with the first VW bus. This Volkswagen was successful worldwide and reached cult status, especially in the USA, with the name Microbus. The design study is a new definition of this cult status: A contemporary expression of personality and freedom. The Microbus offers 3 rows of seats. The middle centre seats can be turned through 180 degrees and the third row has been designed as a seat bench. Intelligent features such as these are characteristic of many features in the interior. The Microbus can be transformed into a veritable car cinema: The appropriate visual images are provided by a 7" screen in the centre console, four monitors in the backrests of the first and second rows as well as two extendable displays between the second and third rows. A second 7 inch screen, located towards the front of the roof area, provides a view of what is behind the Microbus. The picture is provided by a so-called backeye camera. Along with both the exterior mirrors, this provides a comprehensive view of what is behind the vehicle. Source: Internet

2000 Volkswagen AAC

In the middle of the Volkswagen exhibit, on a raised turntable, is the Advanced Activity Concept (AAC). AAC was a design study vehicle, which combined the luxury and comfort of a sedan with the versatility of a pickup truck. The AAC featured full-time 4-wheel drive and a V-10 diesel engine that produced 313 horsepower. Source: Internet

1991 Volkswagen Vario II

The Vario II is a 2+2 with a modular roofing system proposed by the Swiss student Alexander Guye of the Art Center College. Of the various solutions presented, it was this one that appealed most to Herbert Schafer and he decided to transpose it into 1:1 scale. This is a more futuristic car than the Vario I, but a dream car that responds perfectly to the will to demonstrate on a concrte basis the versatilityof the Golf-Syncro platform. The Volkswagen Vario was a design study shown in Frankfurt way back in 1991. It has a vario-roof folding-steel top that has only recently gone into production. Other futuristic design elements include slim-line headlights and multi-dome taillights, since copied by other manufacturers. Source: Internet