Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Ecological VW Kombi

The Solar Power is the latest model in a line of vehicles for camping and adventure that is based on the cheerful VW Kombi. The first version, the Verdier Caravan, was created in 1998. As time went by the concept evolved and was distinguised with various awards. The current version has, as a strong suit, energetic self-sufficiency, a key characteristic for what this vehicle aims at.

Once the car is in a stationary position, the group of intelligent solar panels search for the optimal position, thanks to the information provided by a GPS system to the on-board computer. The vehicle then shows all its versatility. The ceiling is expanded into a canvas structure where there is a sleeping compartiment for two, with access through a folding staircase; at the same time, it projects two awnings that cover the adjacent lateral areas; in its interior, the seats give way to a bed for two; in one of the doors it's possible to set up a stove and a small table; in the back there is a small compartment that lodges additional furniture (tables and chairs).

As if this wasn't enough, the Verdier is also beautiful, a true Kombi...

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