Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1973 VW Van

I will make no apologies for admitting that some of my favorite vintage automobiles are among the most humble. The VW Transporter Van is one of those. I've never owned one but have an indirect connection through a former racing buddy, Ben Pon Jr., whose father was the Dutch Volkswagen distributor that sketched the original concept and handed it to VW management with the Recommendation that such a vehicle, based on the Beetle, would be a commercial success. VW Canada loaned me an "office van" as a mobile platform for Wheelspin, a TV show in which I was host, so I'm familiar with the fun (and it is fun) of driving a Transporter.

What brings this to mind is a tip from Nigel Matthews about a 1973 Volkswagen Type2 (the official designation) with less than 33 km (about 20 miles) on the clock being auctioned by Coy's in London's Royal Horticultural Hall on February 27. The panel van was one of two bought by a Finnish Farmer in July 1974 with the idea that when one was no longer serviceable he would use the other one. He never did!

Source: Internet